Aawaaz Counseling

We, at Aawaaz believe that every child is special and some children are very special. Aawaaz Counseling aims at helping students with needs that require special attention in the sphere of social communication borrowing concepts from Public Speaking, Theatre and Dance. We hope to cater to the needs of these children which will help them become not just orators but will facilitate an overall personality development.

We provide individualised training programs to each child as we believe that each and every child requires attention to different needs, therefore attending to those needs is of primary importance. 

Our approach also includes family sensitization programmes that work to bridge the gap between the family and the students. Our service aims to support and empower parents and students through the successes and difficulties of the education process. We aim to assist parents and children to feel confident, have the information and support that they need to make positive informed decisions. 

Our objective being to provide a conducive learning environment, which is rich and stimulating for students with special educational needs so as to facilitate their social communication and help them develop their potential to the fullest.We believe in cultivating a creative and inquisitive mind. 

We aim to create a supportive and caring ethos within our classroom which supports all the behavioural, emotional and social needs of the children. The individualized plans made to meet the needs and abilities of different children so as to ensure that accelerated progress is achieved. We will also play a role in monitoring a child’s progress and identifying a child in need for additional support. 

Our ultimate goal shall be the integration and mainstreaming of learners with special needs into the community.

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