Aawaaz Debating

Why Debate?

Critical Thinking

Debating as an activity forces you to constantly question and evaluate the world around you, identify problems, construct and justify the use of the solutions. This activity develops an extremely analytical approach to life and makes students better academically. Debating equips students with the correct tools to succeed in life.

Speaking Skills

Debate is a performance art and a ‘game’ of intellect which makes students better and more confident speakers – this is augmented by the training we provide to our students. We ensure that students are unfazed by high-pressure situations and can communicate clearly.


A medium-sized debating tournament has a minimum of 5 rounds. This means that a debater would deliberate upon at least 5 extremely different topics such as economics, politics, art, and feminism. Constant exposure to such a varied set of ideas makes debaters more socially aware, politically conscious, and cognizant of the issues faced by humans. This continuous exposure makes debaters better leaders, adept at understanding the nuances and the grey areas of different issues. It also makes students sensitive and well-rounded citizens.

How Aawaaz Makes a Difference

Aawaaz has immense experience in training young debaters and organizing prestigious tournaments lending a holistic outlook to the teaching process. We have trained students who have gone on to lead the Indian team to victory at the World Schools Debating Championship. At Aawaaz, we believe in preparing students to approach debates with the ability to think critically and construct arguments regardless of the subjects. We use a 4 pronged strategy to ensure that our students can achieve their optimum

Introduction to Debate

Our comprehensive program is designed to create a strong foundation by exploring the various parliamentary debate formats (Asian and British Parliamentary), their individual demands, speaker roles, and the skills required for great oratory.

Case Construction and Critical Thinking

The Aawaaz Debating module helps students in understanding how to build and analyze arguments, deconstruct concepts, identify burdens of proof, build counter-defense, and effectively articulate one’s point. These skills further a student’s ability to think actively and write speeches that are informative in nature. 

Knowledge Building

Our program encourages discussions around current happenings, history, political science, economics, international affairs, the environment, and more. Well-informed individuals can substantiate their claims and make compelling arguments. The Aawaaz Debating module furthers knowledge building and inculcates the habit of reading.

Practical Experience and exposure

Aawaaz organizes different debate tournaments at the school and college level. Our students are exposed to civil society debating events which will provide practice, inspiration, and a stronger grasp of the required skills and ideas.

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