Aawaaz Outside School

After having an extended period of work within schools, we are aiming to widen the horizons of our functioning which would include organizing conclaves, summer camps, etc as that would result in further empowerment and enrichment of students, preparing them for the future.

Social and Emotional Learning Module

The Social and Emotional Learning module, curated by our team of psychologists aims to focus on five core (interrelated sets of cognitive, affective, and behavioral) competencies: self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision making. Through this module, students will learn how to process and integrate their social and emotional skills in classrooms, schools, homes, and communities.

Our Social and Emotional Learning Module offers the following benefits:

1. Academic success: Developing stronger social and emotional skills improves the academic performance of students.

2. Fewer behavioral problems: Students engaged in Social and Emotional Learning are less aggressive and disruptive in school.

3. Less emotional distress: Students have fewer occurrences of anxiety, stress, and social withdrawal.

4. Positive social behavior: Students get along better with others, as reported by fellow students, teachers, and parents.

Aawaaz Summer Camp

Summer time is the time for children to explore and learn various activities which would enhance their creativity. Aawaaz organizes summer camp every year and provide training in public speaking, dance, art craft, theater, photography and creative writing to students belonging to different schools. In 2019, our summer camp was organised in The Mother’s International school, wherein children belonging to different grades were taught aforementioned activities over a span of 10 days. The children had an experience which turned out to be a delightful one and as for facilitators it was enriching and fruitful.


The Aawaaz Conclave

Copy of Aawaaz conclave 2019

At the Aawaaz conclave we hope to make the transition for our students easier by curating sessions into these new and emerging sectors. Along with this exposure we aim to disrupt the way traditional ‘career counseling’ works. At the Aawaaz conclave we hope to make the transition easier by curating sessions into these new and emerging sectors.
There will be multiple specific sectors (ex – Media and Technology or Arts and Performance) that will be on offer for the students.

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