Classes at Aawaaz

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Aawaaz aims to equip all students with a unique lens to understand the world around them and the necessary tools to articulate thoughts or opinions. Our carefully designed debate curriculum extends beyond tournaments or competitions and focuses on nurturing critical thinking and communication skills. Tailored to offer a holistic learning journey, our program promotes intellectual growth and mastery of effective communication. Whether your child is a novice or a seasoned debater, they'll thrive in our supportive environment. What distinguishes our curriculum is its strategic design, aimed at ensuring success and fostering long-term skill development. To this day, we have had the privilege of training more than 10000+ students in debate across 5 cities.

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Public Speaking

Our widely popular public speaking course is an attempt at transforming our earnest students into dynamic orators and leaders. Understanding the dire need for effective communication skills, the Aawaaz curriculum delivers carefully designed activities that allow students to discover the orator within them. Offering a metamorphosis of reserved students to vibrant speakers, our program empowers individuals with the skills and confidence needed to excel in public speaking engagements and beyond. From body language to writing impactful speeches, our students get countless chances to learn the real strategies required to captivate the audience!

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Creative Writing

Our creative writing classes are an excursion into the diverse world of creativity, expression, articulation and imagination. Our young writers have helped with publishing their original work, some of which is still on sale on Amazon! Join our cohort of budding Shakespeares and Plaths and uncover the writer within you! The Aawaaz curriculum breaks down tangible literary goals for our budding writers and helps them wield their mighty pens to share their unique ideas.

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The theatre course at Aawaaz has allowed hundreds of students to explore the world of acting, drama, writing and storytelling. Our brilliant theatre students produce the most mesmerising performances, unravelling important social themes and emotions. The Aawaaz curriculum takes our aspiring artists on a journey of self-discovery where they peel off the multifold layers of drama and sculpt their skills into 'art'. From stage production to costume designing, from script writing to direction, our theatre enthusiasts get multiple opportunities to develop the essential skills in collaboration, self-expression and collaboration.

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