Teach For India

We have collaborated with Teach for India in 3 Phases. In Phase 1 we aimed at developing and facilitating a curriculum revolving around issues such as religion, politics, and the environment. This Phase ended with the first Aawaaz Showcase, for which we organized a debate competition. Our students performed in front of an audience of 400 people, that included school principals, teachers, classmates, and media personalities. For Phase 2, we worked for 6 months with 70 Government schools, over 1500 students, and a team of 100 mentors. This Phase focussed on issues related to Gender, Politics, Caste, and Fundamental Rights. For Phase 3 of Aawaaz, 6 schools belonging to low-income communities were selected. These schools were under the supervision of Teach for India. The aim of this Phase was to teach children the skill of writing a research paper. One of the projects undertaken during this Phase was related to the issue of garbage disposal which was having an adverse effect on children and their health. The project culminated with the successful implementation of a garbage disposal system in the school. However, due to the lack of funds, it could not be implemented on a large-scale.

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