The Aawaaz Module


Aawaaz identified certain core skills that help in making education more holistic - Critical Thinking, General Awareness, and Public Speaking. Our curriculum which is based on the aforementioned core skills help our students master the 21st-century skills. We, at Aawaaz believe in being mere facilitators for the ideas of the students instead of telling them what to think and learn. Aawaaz believes in giving students full scope to ideate while teaching them how to logically view different situations with just one aim- holistic development. The Aawaaz Module has been successfully implemented at Mother’s International School, The Shriram Millennium School, and various other schools.

Critical Thinking

Aawaaz students are able to ideate and think critically about different topics that are of utmost importance not just nationally but internationally as well. Students are taught how to look at issues or topics from different perspectives and develop their own opinions rather independently.

General Awareness

Aawaaz Module activities help students understand and learn about various historical and politically-relevant events, international relations, economics, etc. that are prevalent all around the globe. Aawaaz module incorporates this core skill with the aim of providing knowledge to students which will eventually help them in creating opinions and arguments.

Public Speaking

Public speaking has three primary goals- informing, convincing, and persuading an audience. This particular skill will equip students with the aspects required for effective and efficient speech delivery. Aawaaz has identified certain important Public speaking skills which will help in improving not just the oration of the student but also refine their communication.

Grade 3-5
Grade 6-8
Grade 9-12

The module consists of plans and activities which help students to ideate and vocalize their opinions. The students learn how to communicate with a huge audience and learn a variety of skills needed to become an accomplished speaker.

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