Skill Training


The skills Aawaaz teaches equips students to face any challenges that the rapidly evolving world may throw at them, helps enhance a student’s communication, articulation, confidence, expression and aid their learning process. Aawaaz’s training aims at fostering personal growth and achieving the holistic development of a student. All co Curricular and extracurricular activities increase joy, reduce stress and provide tools and skills that help students in all areas of life, even academics, thus creating well rounded individuals.

What We Teach

Public Speaking
Creative Writing
💃 Dance
Debating and MUN

Theatre is an activity that assists a student in developing their imagination, creative problem solving skills, self-confidence, empathy, concentration, a collaborative spirit, social awareness, and aesthetic appreciation, all while enjoying themselves.

How we teach

We, at Aawaaz, believe in facilitating the students’ discovery and development of ideas instead of telling them what to think. Our classes are organised on this simple principle. The students learn by doing. Instead of taking notes to study later, we encourage students to actively participate in their own learning process through activities such as problem-solving and collaborative investigations to build their own knowledge base.

Classes In School

Our training sessions allow students explore co-curriculars and extracurriculars like theatre, debate and creative writing while building skills that would help them perform better in school, competitions and life. The benefits range from understanding methods of logical deduction and developing leadership skills to writing better college essays or newspaper articles. Aawaaz training sessions are used by students from The Shriram Millennium Schools, Bluebells School International, Mother’s International School, Neerja Modi School and many others.

Summer Camps

Aawaaz brings students from various schools together during their summer break to explore and enhance their creativity through public speaking, dance, arts and craft, theatre, photography and creative writing classes. In 2019, for example, we organised our annual summer camp in The Mother’s International school for students across grades over a span of 10 days. In 2020, we took the summer camp online to bridge the gap created by the pandemic.


The Aawaaz Conclave brings together deserving students from different schools to ease their transition after graduating. We curate sessions into new and emerging sectors (ex; Media and Technology or Arts and Performance). Our aim is to expose students to new possibilities and disrupt the way traditional career counseling works.

Contact Us

S-12, Panchsheel Enclave, New Delhi