Shaping Futures Through
Impact-Based Research

Aawaaz is committed to conducting pioneering research to
identify gaps in pedagogy, policy or praxis

Uncovering gaps through Research

At Aawaaz, we firmly believe that research is the cornerstone of creating high-quality learning environments for everyone. In response to the challenges posed by the pandemic, we launched the Aawaaz research wing in 2019-20, dedicated to supporting research efforts and sharing compelling stories about students and teachers navigating through these unprecedented times. Since then, we’ve collaborated with numerous national and international partners, including esteemed institutions such as Columbia University, University of Sussex, and University of California, San Diego.

Our past projects have also seen fruitful partnerships with organizations like Student Helping Honduras in the US and Vision Limited in India. If you’re passionate about research and eager to collaborate, or if you’re interested in joining our dynamic research wing, we invite you to reach out and explore the possibilities with us. Together, let’s make a difference in education through the power of research and collaboration. Reach out to us at:

Successful Research Projects


Understanding Peer Networks using the Socionomy Tool

Our collaborative pilot project, spearheaded by the Department of Education at the University of California, San Diego, the Department of Economics at Columbia University, and Aawaaz, is dedicated to making Indian classrooms more inclusive and supportive. Recognizing the vital role of teachers in achieving this goal, our project focuses on providing them with access to crucial network and relationship data within their classrooms.

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Vision Unlimited

Our research focused on addressing the critical issue of inadequate support for students, particularly those from marginalized communities, both during and after the pandemic. Centered in Haryana, India, where state data revealed staggering dropout rates ranging from 29,000 to 1.25 million students at the primary and secondary levels due to the pandemic (as reported by Tribune, 2021, and Indian Express, 2022), we investigated the crucial role of learning centers in offering a schooling-like educational experience. 

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Pathways to Equity: Understanding Teacher and Networks.

This research project delves into the complexities surrounding teachers’ agency in working with Economically Weaker Section (EWS) students in their classrooms. It seeks to understand the various factors that either support or hinder teachers’ ability to effectively engage with and support EWS students. Additionally, the project examines the influence of teachers’ social networks on their agency in working with EWS students and explores the dynamics of collaboration among teachers to support this student demographic.  

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The Post-Pandemic Social Challenges Faced by Teachers In Indian Classrooms

This project sought to investigate the impact of extreme weather-induced school closures on teachers’ well-being and the academic environment in Delhi. Drawing on recent data indicating a significant loss of working school days due to weather conditions, coupled with the prevailing toxic culture of prioritizing academic grades at all costs, the study aimed to identify the challenges faced by overworked and stressed teachers.  

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