Educating The Leaders of Tomorrow

About Aawaaz

“Aawaaz” which means “voice” in several dialects in South Asia, is a movement towards empowering young minds by equipping them with 21st-century skills and values. Work at Aawaaz focuses on skill development, curriculum design, teacher training, event organisation as well as educational research. From meticulously planned courses on public speaking, debate, research and more to comprehensive workshops, Aawaaz has dedicated itself to transforming education systems across the world.

Our Mission

To equip the leaders of tomorrow with 21st century skills.

Our Vision

At Aawaaz, we have a vision for expanding education beyond the classroom. Our commitmnet to holistic skill development for students lays out the path for us to shape young minds one session at a time.

Building a Legacy:
Key Milestones in Our History

Started in 2014, Aawaaz was founded based on making quality learning spaces for all students. We found that “traditional” academic subjects were not preparing students with the key skills required to succeed in the world, for example, Public Speaking and Critical Thinking. To fill in this gap, Aawaaz was started with two teachers and one group of 20 students learning public speaking. Fast forward to today, Aawaaz currently works with 35000+ students on more than 13 different skills across the entire country.

Our commitment to research-based curriculum development and skill training has helped us weave a strong community together, with several leading educational organisations, schools, and universities in India and beyond.


Our Beginnings

Aawaaz was conceptualised in 2014 with a single objective of carving a path for students to move into the 21st century and interact with the global standard.

Expanding Reach

Expanding Reach: Over the span of almost a decade, Aawaaz, which started with a team of 2 teachers and class of 20 students has expanded its reach to over 150 schools across 5 cities.

Scaling Impact

Scaling Impact: Today, Aawaaz proudly trains more than 35000 students in over 20 schools across India.
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Global Recognition

Global Recognition: Since 2020, Aawaaz has begun working with research and institutional partners across the world.